What are your hours of operation?
We’re here Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm with Saturday appointments.

Do not drive a damaged vehicle that cannot be operated safely. Call us and we will promptly arrange towing.

We work with all insurance companies, and can arrange to have your agent visit our shop to make an assessment of repairs. This can save you the inconvenience of getting the vehicle to a drive-in claims center. Of course, many damaged vehicles cannot be driven, so towing to a shop that has the reputation for high quality repairs is important at the outset. During the repair we maintain communication with your insurance company to ensure that all necessary repairs are authorized and completed.

While you can get as many repair estimates as you wish, no law requires you to get more than one. Selecting a shop with the proper equipment and qualifications will ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly and completely.

While your insurance company may recommend one or more shops for your consideration, you have the right to select a shop of your choice. No insurance company can insist on a particular shop to use.

As with any estimate, it is possible to have some variation in the details and costs. A lower price may not include all the repairs, and may take additional time to approve change orders. If you are unsure why there are differences, we will be happy to take time to explain all details.

Choose a collision repair center that employs I-CAR and ASE certified technicians, and has the specialized equipment needed to restore the dimensional integrity of both unibody and frame-and-panel vehicles (i.e. trucks). We are an I-CAR and ASE certified collision repair center. As such, we meet rigid qualifications for technician training and professional business practices.

Confirm that the work will be covered by a warranty on the structural and cosmetic elements of the repair. Restoring to pre-accident condition means that you shouldn’t have to worry about how the vehicle will look and perform during the remaining years of your ownership.

Trust us to work with your insurance company. Our many years of positive working relationships with all insurance companies helps ensure that your vehicle’s repair will progress smoothly and be done without unnecessary delays.

We can pre-arrange a rental car for you. We want your normal transportation needs to be interrupted as little as possible while your vehicle is in the shop.